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Three Bells Through is great. Not the best by any means, but a fun one.


I didn't like it because its main attack is a AoE line that can hit friend or foe alike.  I didn't even realize this was happening until I was in a battle where Maia was hitting Eder among others, because she's invariably in the rear of my formations, due to the great range she gets with Arquebusses.   I stopped using 3BT because it was going to be too much micro management to prevent her from hitting friendlies.  I prefer her using a nice, friendly-safe arq. 


EDIT: for what it's worth, the 3BT arq might be a good choice for a front liner who wants to get off a good opening strike, since such a character probably never had friendlies in front of them.

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Maia with the frozen bow has done more damage than my sorcerer main. It's one of the best weapons of the game (probably the best ranged one) and you can get it at level 5-6.


I guess that it's just not in me to have a Companion who has a subclass that's gun-based not using a gun.  Hey, if she was a Sharpshooter subclass, I'd probably be all over putting the Frostseeker bow in her hands.  But there's just something ... wrong ... about having a Gunhawk not using a gun, at least to me.  ;(

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