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Tests have yielded actual attack-frequency (attack-delay + reload = time between message pop-ups in the combat-tracker) for pistols to be capped at ~3,6 sec, even if tool-tips clam they are lower. Tested with pistols that are supposed to fire at 2,5 sec, both double and single. A bug-report has been submitted on the subject.


I'm wondering if this problem just pertain to pistols, or if it is more universal.

I don't have the characters to test if any other types of weapons or attacks (spells etc) are capped at a frequency of ~3,6 secs, or if it's just pistols. Nor Have I localized if it's the pistols themselves, the underlaying mechanics, or  just one of the sources of speed-modifiers, that are bugged.


So, I'd like to invite you to test any attack you can access that is supposed to have an attack-frequency of 3 sec or less, and report it here. Both reports of attacks that are bugged and not are usefull.


It's quite relevant to determine if any speed-build is viable until it gets patched. For instance, my gunslinger is shelved for now.


Please and thank you :)




Weapons/Attack-types known to be affected:


Blunderbuss (from Zzz)


Weapons/Attack-types known to not be affected:

"Tested on Dragon's Dowry + Blazing Fury. Works as intended, get ~3s time between attacks." (From Helar)
Sabre, bow and arquebuse (from Zzz)



Link to bug-report:


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