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Increased load times

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18 hours in and having issues with prolonged load times. These occur when I continue game and or transition major areas. First load on continue can take up to 3 min and sometimes end in a crash. Times have increased as playtime has accumulated despite SSD and limiting amount of saves I have. (One auto, one quick, and one manual).  Initial new game and early playtime loading time felt more "traditional" and appropriate. 

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Please attach a dxdiag along with an output.log so we can have the programmers investigate the issue with the hardware that may be the root of it. It may help to send these to support.obsidian.net to get all the information in and looked at :)





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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I also have like 19 hours play. Just came to Neketaka. Load times between entering all the places are terrible. I have pretty good PC with SSD disk, and it take around 5 seconds for every small entering to house. It kills the joy of playing this game a lot.


In first Pillars terrible loading times were at the end of game (and when I played DLCs). But here it's just the beginning of the game!

I think I will stop playing this. I guess later in game this loading times will only increase.


Are there some plans to fix it?

When Obsidian announced Deadfire ther said they "fixed" it. But for now it looks worse.


"all of our interior areas will stream in with little to no loading providing a much better play experience in the first game"
was it a lie? :(

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