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Having problem playing as (Lawful) Evil...

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Is there anyone doing an Evil playthrough with pillars? I would  be really interested in tips/opinions or just your experiences about it.


Myself, I tried to go as a money hungry pirate, but as i started unlocking my companions I just always somehow fall back to being a good guy. It's hard to be a douchebag at the first place because of your morals, but at the same time I am having the problem that....in this game all the companions are just...good. None of them have questionable morality really, in my opinion or more like attitude leaning towards evil.

What's your take on it? Do you think It's possible to play Evil without breaking immersion? Or is the only way to play immersive evil to solo the game with no companions?

All tips/hints on playing Evil is appreciated! :)

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I haven't found a sidekick yet honestly. You just reminded me that I could just make my own team of adventurers for an evil playthrough lol.

The problem with that is still that they are silent companions.

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You can start with companions and kick them out of your party when they start whining about your lifestyle. Then you recruit the sidekicks and assume they are quiet because they heard a rumor you killed the companions. :devil:


Edit: Or is it possible to actually kill them?

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