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So after tooling around a bit in progressiontables, I'm reasonably certain that the only way to change a character's class is by editing their prefab bundles in characters.unity3d. Problem is that all of the prefab bundles are compressed and don't play nice with the Unity Assets Bundle Extractor like the POE files did. Has anyone had any luck with accessing/altering them?

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I don't know if you need to edit unity prefabs, but you do need to create a new progressiontable for each variation


it's not as easy as eder = wizard, but I think it's possible to a degree

Okay, I'll see what I can do.



Can't you just use console command SetClassLevel ? 


There's also another command for SubClass.

The point of mods is to have something permanent that you don't have to use console commands for, though.

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I've posted a mod to nexusmods Unity Console for PoE2 that can do the class changing of npcs.  I was able to make Eder a Crusader which was the request of one of the people on the forum. 


Still kind of experimental and very invasive (modifies dlls to load python) so not for the average user but good enough for some people.  Maybe you can do thing with built in console commands as has been suggested though I had issues around assigning level 1 abilities and weapons skills for the new classes.


Its a little more graphical so sometimes easier than console commands and guids and what not.

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Turns out that altering ProgressionTables is what did the trick. I'll see about writing up a guide on how to alter companion classes here soonish.

Ooh, can't wait. Is there any chance we could see more than 3 options in game, or is it just to change the default 3?


I haven't gotten deep enough to figure out how to increase the amount of options you have, but you can definitely add/alter whatever 3 classes you want.

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What about creating a custom subclass?


It's a shame Eder and Aloth don't have unique subclasses for their original class based on their ending state from the first game.


Just throwing ideas around here, but what if Night Market Eder has a 10% chance to automatically cast Symbol of Eothas on a crit, and Light of Eothas when being crit? Or Leaden Key Grandmaster Aloth being able to cast Ring Leader once per encounter?

Aloth massages his temples, shaking his head.

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