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  1. I've posted a mod to nexusmods Unity Console for PoE2 that can do the class changing of npcs. I was able to make Eder a Crusader which was the request of one of the people on the forum. Still kind of experimental and very invasive (modifies dlls to load python) so not for the average user but good enough for some people. Maybe you can do thing with built in console commands as has been suggested though I had issues around assigning level 1 abilities and weapons skills for the new classes. Its a little more graphical so sometimes easier than console commands and guids and what not.
  2. @graxstar, hope you don't mind me adding to this list rather than starting a new list (trying to minimize places for devs to look). This is for same version in title. Hair Horizontal Scrollbar buttons scrolls in wrong direction (probably already reported) Save/Load screen shows scrollbar when all saves show on screen. If you scroll to end of screen then it will jump around and scrollbar disappears. Tooltips for weapons in Inventory will sometimes show above the weapon and be placed in way that text gets cut off "Copy" widget continues to show up in offhand when switching between characters that had offhand weapon to one that does not You can duel wield the exact same single-handed weapon by using "Copy" widget to copy to a second item set. You can then copy that copy back to the secondary slot in the original item set leaving you dual wielding the same weapon.
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