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Yes, resolve. And if your class doesn't need skill duration or area of effect to be effective, intelligence as well.

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Resolve is very dumpable for ranged characters that don't plan on getting hit much. Likely to be a little bit rough early on prior to getting some gear/talents/full party.


Dex is semi dumpable for some tanks i'd say. Chanter/paladin tank can live with the increased recovery time and can take the .5 second invocations where they're still fast cast even with low dex.


Intellect is semi dumpable for anything without aoe and with limited focus on buffs/debuffs/dots/stuff that benefits from intellects extended duration. Not exactly sure what build you'd dump it completely but maybe a soulblade single target build? Haven't played around with that, so I couldn't say with any certainty.


Perception could be dumpable for a pure heal/buff class, though doesn't seem ideal as most heal/buff setups still have some potential for dps/debuffs/cc

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If I plan to use greatsword is it viable if I dump dex/con or mig?


Probably don't want to dump Con if you're going to be front lining unless you have something that can steroid your deflection.


Might probably can be flexed as it's an additive bonus now to base damage.  So it's not as effective as it used to be.  I'm not sure about dumping it altogether though.  Also unsure about where the points would be better spent.  Those three attributes are fairly important to martial classes.

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