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So, I am considering getting the steam version as well now (insert the Futurama picture of Fry and the "Shut up and take my money")


I remember some sort of deal that if you had been an original purchaser of the phone game, you could get a discount or something or added DLC if you purchased the steam game.


Is that still available (yes, I was an original purchaser of the phone app, and have purchased all of the available DLC for the phone)

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No.  The Pathfinder Ambassador Program ended August of last year.


What it offered, was that qualified players could purchase the $25 Pathfinder edition on steam and get a free upgrade to the $40 Obsidian Edition.


Since then, the price has dropped quite a bit, where the base game is only $15 and the Obsidian Ed. is now $25.  The game even drops to $5 or $10 every now and then if you're looking to catch it on sale.  


The current prices are a little better than what you could have managed with the ambassador deals, and it's an absolute steal if you're willing to wait for a discount.

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