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Hello, just a quick question: as far as I can tell, wild orlans are stuck with the default hair style. However, I also recall seeing backer beta screenshots starring wild orlans with mohawks, and a mohawk definitely isn't the default option I'm seeing now.


Were the extra hair style options removed for the release? Or is it a case of me being dumb/senile and mising the option to change hair?

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Did you try changing the head style? I haven't tried this, sorry!


That's the thing, I'm not even sure whether that option is even available to orlans. :ninja:

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Hearth orlans have three head types--two of which have pale-bright green eyes instead of the intense blue, and the last head for both genders has some scarring, with a blind right eye for the female orlan. They also have access to (I believe) all of the hairstyles. Wild orlans only have the default in both cases--in fact, they have no "head" tab at all. My fingers are crossed that it's either a bug that hid that tab, or they plan to add the option at some point.

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