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  1. I haven't tested it, so I'm not certain. But from what I understand (based on the description and a reply for the partial PoE1 voice mod), sound files need to be converted once or twice--they need to be .wem files, so if they're not in a format that can go straight to .wem, they need to be converted to a type that can first. Then each file needs to be renamed to match the ones you want to replace, so the game will grab the right lines at the right times. In order to do that, you need to go through your source and compare it to the lines you want to replace, and consider how/when they'll be us
  2. I've never been that great with watercolor, so I can't answer everything with confidence (and I'm brand-spankin' new to the forums, so someone more knowledgeable may very well post before moderator approval of this)--but I'll offer what I can! You might be able to fudge it with watercolor pencils and just enough water to move the pigment? But I never had luck preventing warping, so I'm not sure. Ink after. You might be able to ink first if it's waterproof--but it still has a chance of bleeding, so it's much safer to do a light pencil sketch, do the colors, and then ink after you've let it dry
  3. Hearth orlans have three head types--two of which have pale-bright green eyes instead of the intense blue, and the last head for both genders has some scarring, with a blind right eye for the female orlan. They also have access to (I believe) all of the hairstyles. Wild orlans only have the default in both cases--in fact, they have no "head" tab at all. My fingers are crossed that it's either a bug that hid that tab, or they plan to add the option at some point.
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