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Planning to chose this companions with these classes: Aloth wizard, Eder fighter/rogue, Xoti priest/monk, Teheku druid/chanter. I believe this may be fifth or above playthrought (not sure, though).

I definitely want a multiclass, Xoti may be just a monk, don't want to repeat my choices with my companion (no: wizard, fighter, rogue, monk, druid or chanter), priest may be OK as a one of classes.


So that leaves me:





and maybe priest


... not much I believe... How's Paladin/cipher?

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barbarian-paladin is fun (berserker + goldpact)


or a cipher-paladin but take ascendent and ranged-flames of devotoin build


i also like orlan devoted-cipher focusing on crits but fighter is not in your list


i also often hear stalker-paladin for the defense bonus


you already have played through the whole game 5 times? thats crazy

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