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Companions/Crew missing at beach if dying during first fight




Seems that if a crew member or Eder die/KO'd in the first intro fight on the Defiant, they will not spawn on the beach right at the beginning.

This caused me to basically reply the beginning several times. As they may die easily in that first fight


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

As above, simply let the crew/eder die in the fight on the ship, then get passed it to the beach


Important Files:

Already deleted the gamesaves that had these, sorry.


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I wouldn't necessarily see this as a bug - I mean, all the other crewmembers also die for real if they don't make it through the fight/the storm sequence, so you're babysitting them also. I think of this as your first opportunity to screw things up.

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Heya RevBlue,


Mangydog is correct; this is working as intended. Any crew member that dies during the opening fight is intended to remain dead for the rest of the game. This includes Eder.


Hope that clears things up!

I try my very best.

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This can be circumvented by just suiciding the Watcher, since that will cut to the Chitupec/crate interaction. Equip no gear and you'll look a tasty target.


It's crappy design though as at that level you're just reloading until lucky. Too few abilities. You control only one character. I have no qualms about using this exploit and if you fix it you fix the wrong thing. ^^

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