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I like to mess around SOLO in these types of games.


What are some pretty good SOLO Builds people have found on launch (and beta)?


I'm thinking either some mix of rogue (for quick opener kills and re-stealth) or summoner based with beckoner. No clue tbh haven't tried SOLO myself.

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It's not what you are specifically asking for but Kind Wayfarer ( paladin ) + Helwaker ( Monk ) - is a blast. Your Flames of Devotion heal you each time you use it, your helwalker monk passive increases your damage AND your healing amount. You are tanky, have good damage and utility.

dunehunter has a great build for it I believe here


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I haven't made a build yet, since my char is only level 10, but a detailed build will follow as soon as it feels round.

I've had a lot of fun and also pretty easy leveling with a Devoted/Troubadour.

Since there are no Endurance/Health pools in this game anymore, but only health, healing over time is really strong (any healing really but passive is better ofc) and these classes both get a heal at level 1, which can be upgraded at level 7.

The chanter skeletons are quite nice and much better than their PoE 1 counterpart and they have two maybe less intentional interactions that make the game a breeze even if you overestimate your ability to fight.


I usually do not fight mobs at their point of origin, since dieing while summons out doesn't end the game, so if the summons disappear and the enemies return to their point of origin you will revive as long as the enemies are out of sight.

Today I realized that should for some reason your char not revive, you can rest and revive your char, but if you are in a city, where only waiting is allowed, you can wait with the enemies in plain sight and will revive (doesn't work twice in a row)

Also if you die in a ship battle on your side of the fight and had summons out, the enemies will return to their side but the fight will strangely end in a win for you.

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Alright cool I'll try something with Beckoner or Troubadour.   


But I'm still curious if Rogue invisibility/combat-stealth moves can be used to reset the fight.

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