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Hey guys! So... I'm having a bit of a concern right now involving Edér's companion quest. I've played the game for a while now and have spoken with Edér and so on, I've gotten a questline for every other character I've so far found but Edér's. This, I though, might be normal, maybe I'll get it later when I arrive to a certain place or other, maybe Neketaka. But I've seen a friend's stream and not having left Port Maje yet he's already had access to Edér's questline. So I'm curious... To those who've acquired the quest so far, what has procced it for you? Does the quest change depending on the first game's history? Or am I missing something or experiencing a bug of some sort?

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For me (and streams i've seen), it triggers immediately after meeting Chokey and the little band of Dawnstars in Port Maje, at the beginning of the game.

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