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Almost all negative Steam user reviews are due to bugs

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But, to repeat myself again, here are a list of quests I've broken accidentally:Cornett's Call

Harsh Medicine

Family Pride

Food for Thought

Clearing Out Crookspur

Terms of Trade

Glimpse Beyond



In addition, I seem to have somehow messed up the dialogue sequence with Queen Onezaka and Director Castol by interacting with Furrante, Master Kua, and the Wahaki in the wrong order. They've both mentioned things to me that haven't happened and asked me to resolve things that they already knew were resolved. Now I'm unable to get any more quests from either of them because their dialogue is stuck in a previous part of the questline trying to give me quests I've already done.

Well that sucks, and I agree many of the quests work in a very odd manner. I myself have had conversations with Furrante at the request of other npc's about issues I have already talked to Furrante about, and had to sit through him acting like we hadn't already had the conversation. But the quest still worked after that.


Heck I went to a certain island before visiting anywhere in Neketaka other than queens berth, and yes, it lead to some really WEIRD conversations, like npcs telling me they would offer me work, only to immediately say they have no work go talk to xyz instead. I assume their work involved that island. That's really funky, but not broken. I define broken as "it be broke, you can't do it".


To keep this Obsidian focused a great example of a broken game component I encountered once was in Fallout New Vegas.


After screwing around for hours on end and doing craptons other than main story, I finally rolled into New Vegas. I was promptly greeted by the sheriff robot who for some reason was severely damaged and about to explode even though the last time I saw him he was fine. He immediately calls me a traitor to Mr House for destroying him ??? (I never so much as gave him a dirty look), he proceeds to explode, and I am now hostile KOS to Mr. House's faction. That was weird, and it was broke. However I didn't go insane about it on forums or reviews because I knew that had to be some perfect storm of nonsense I somehow did that I would never be able to figure out, and likely effected very few people.


So it sucks those quests are broke for you, I wouldn't assume that means they are broken for most people, or even a large percentage. It sounds like you know you did things in an unintended way, and I know doing stuff in an unintended way on a crpg that has just released tends to break things. That doesn't make it okay, but at least you can still beat the game without having an ending choice blocked off because some robot got mauled by a deathclaw or something and decided to blame you.


As for whoever managed to completely block off even talking to Onezaka, be real, you know that is some insane one in a million bug that is not effecting hardly anyone. It really sucks it happened to you, I really do feel your pain, you have every right to be pissed, report it to Obsidian, but also be logical. The odds of that happening on anyone's playthrough is tiny, you probably don't even know how to reproduce it, or if it even can be re produced. You can restart, I understand why you might not want to, you can wait for patches, you can even demand a refund and if I was Obsidian I would give it to you.


Just don't act like this massive storm of your game going to heck is normal, it clearly isn't because people are beating the game left and right, and no review outlet reported any bug even remotely that bad. Even the negative ones.

Actually, I was able to reproduce that bug with Onezaka and explained it when I reported it in the tech support forum. And judging by the amount of responses most of these reports get, I think a lot of people are running into broken quests. The way you handle Crookspur in particular seems to be a real easy way to unwittingly mess up a lot of dialogue and quests. The quests involving Dereo and the Gullet break way too easily as well (especially Cornett's Call and Food For Thought). If you check the tech support forum you'll see how many people struggled with those two areas in particular.


I really think those bugs should have been caught before launch. In an open ended RPG like this, you can't expect players to only do things as intended. I didn't go out of my way to break anything, I just played the game leisurely doing whatever quest I felt like at the time.


But in the end, I did beat the game, and I finished the faction questlines. I'm not sure how Onezaka worked out her feelings, but I think it at certain points it must clear out her dialogue or something. Either way, all of the factions ended up working out despite all that. So I stand by my statement that the game is not broken (at least for me), but there are certainly broken quests.

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There Sonic, in your face!


I dare you, call me fanboy again!



C'mon I know you want to. How long can you resist?

@Sonic, what you are doing is the very same thing that you accuse so called fanboys of. Just the exact opposite. Fanboys are immune to any kind of criticism of the thing that they are fanboy of. And you are immune to any kind of positive review of Pillars of Eternity 2 on this forum.

Just as a fanboy would dismiss all negative reviews. You are dismissing all positive ones.

Then it is no wonder actually how you can draw the conclusion that the majority of reviews is negative. Because you don't take the positive reviews into any account at all. You deny their existence just as a fanboy would deny the existence of any negative review.

You're not so different from me. Scary thought, isn't it?

Aaah Fluffle, we haven’t seen eye to eye in a few threads recently, but credit where it’s due... that avatar is freakin awesome :D

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I hear it's far worse than Skyrim, is it true? Because Skyrim is the worst experience I've ever had in terms of broken quests and buggertry.


It's true, if you believe so. You can now open a new thread with an all-cap click baity title like "BUGFEST! THE REVIEWS SAY SO!". Or something similar, you know ;)

PS. I played Skyrim day 1 and didn't stumble upon any bug either.

Haha I couldn’t play Skyrim for almost two weeks because it kept choking on my brand new video card and I had to wait for the fix to get past the first loading screen... same happened with DA:I oddly enough. I think that card might have been cursed lol. Deadfire was okay until about an hour in, and the save dumping and quest breaks started so I decided to finish my POE1 game and bide my time.


That being said, I’ve got a weird mishmash of old and new in my machine because I’m in the process of building a new one, so the problem is likely 40% my PC and 50% the game... and min 10% PEBCAK!

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2) Mouse clicks not working (workaround fixed this, but spent time researching it...)

3) Now I can't even press 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., to select characters...I mean wtf




I had the same problem by the end of my playthrough.

The owls are not what they seem.

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I gave it a negative review on Steam, after spending ~70h in it and rerolling a lot, due to bugs only:

- Performance on GTX 1070 is absolutely abysmal, it is not near anything stable, I would not mind if it was locked 30FPS all the time, but it is not even that, game stutters and freezes, tried so many things to solve it and nothing helps

- Sound issues, voices on top of each other

- Import saves/manual story does not reflect my choices at all,

- Disposition is broken af

- Cannot finish quests, some of them exclude each other in a very weird manner, NPCs disppearing

- Save games disappearing

- Items are broken with effects not working or perma stacking

- Godlikes passives do not scale, fire one is the same on lvl 20 as it is on lvl1 which makes it completely useless due to higher armor ratings of enemies and your passive will not do anything and on top of that you have a roll

- Level scaling being broken

- Boarding when you killed 90% of a crew already, still have to fight everyone

- Mouse clicks not registering

- Game crashes on exit almost everytime I do via main menu

- Graphical glitches, clipping etc

- Respec is broken, losing skills


Thats about bugs there is also a lot more that I can't remember, but also encountered. What I dont understand is why did not they gave a full beta access to people to actually get feedback and fix these issues. Next time you do campaign on Fig do one threshold with $200k more for proper QA and allocate time for it. I would not have complained as much, but the issue with the performance just kills this game for me and I cannot continue. If they need me to install some software to provide debug logs or whatever I would gladly do so and provide more info, but I don't think they have anything like that.

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