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Game is very dark and extremely hard to play.



Currently trying to play the game on my laptop and the game is extremely dark. On my desktop its ~fine. But on my laptop is nearly impossible to see things. I have my screen brightness all the way up and gamma in game maxed out. Unless I have highlight interactables always on I can't literally see some NPCs. 


For example: https://imgur.com/rzAmL5i Count how many non party members you see.


Answer: https://imgur.com/bCqYILa




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Hello n3roman,


Thanks for taking the time to post this. Would you be able to provide a dxdiag to help? It does initally sound like this is something attributed to your hardware on your laptop and might benefit from trying to reach out for assistance with any laptop technical help you can find.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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