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Client not Recognizing that the Critical DLC is Installed





I have the game on the Steam platform. After searching for a solution for the wide screen issue, I now find the client will not recognize that the Critical Role DLC is installed and so will not let me move past the DLC screen. The DLC is in my DLC window, and I have tried unchecking the box and re-checking, but this does not fix the issue.


So at this stage I cannot play the game.

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Hey FreethGoats,


Sorry to hear this issues preventing you from playing the game, are you able to press Alt+Enter once the game launches to try to force it into a different viewmode? Let me know if this works out for you.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Hi Cdiaz,


I pressed Alt+Enter to fix the wide screen issue (sorry should have mentioned this).


The issue now is that the game launches and comes to the screen asking you about the Critical Role DLC. Is I choose close (because the DLC is already installed), the client takes me to the Steam window overlay download page. If I click on back to client, I return to the screen asking about the DLC.

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