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What PoE-choices would make the most interesting campaign backdrop? (PoE spoilers)

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It occured to me that I've perhaps tied up too many loose ends, and made too many perfect choices to make my PoE-games good imports for Deadfire. I've been thinking about what choices would be good for an interesting world.


Not finishing off Lord Raedric the Undead is something I would never do myself, but having an undead barony around seems alot more interesting than not.


Letting the Master Below out for a stroll might result in something fun.


I'm wondering if not tempering the memories of that god at the end with context would create some more fun.


I'm considering if any of the calamities caused by betraying the gods may be cool.


II'm not sure if any of the permanent ability/skill -increases through boons and whatnot will carry through.

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Raedric is unlikely to matter.  He's back there. 


The Master, however, I'd hope this comes to something.


The calamities, like Raedric, are fairly local.  You might get a snide note about how badly you messed up or something, but whatever.  

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The Master Below if set free, I'm interested to see if we have a reappearance.


Same with Llengrath, if you didn't kill her and if there is a reappearance of Concelhaut, regardless of whether you killed him or not.


Pissing off the gods would be interesting, to see how forgiving they are.


Differences between Eder's endings (whether he will question the gods or not), for potential differences in dialogue. Especially with certain companions being very religious ;)


Leaving undead Raedric alive, along with the Dozens running rampart, Heritage Hill full of undead and Dyrford with the cult, as well as screwing over Stalwart. Just to see if there is mention of chaos in the rest of the world.


Setting up Aloth as leader of the Leaden Key, with Eder as Anti-Leaden Key and having both in the party.



... just a few notes I've made, for potential backgrounds.

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Fredric wipes out Gilded Vale killing the people because he doesn't trust them and for revenge, which means the town is dead not populated by undead. A gang of undead living in a castle doesn't sound like a undead barony to me. Just my impression though.

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