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I'm looking for a gun specialist for my first playthrough.

My first idea was a blackjacket/bleakwalker using dual wield pistols, but I was wondering if there were better options out there.

My goal is to preferably use an arquebus to hit as hard as humanly possible per shot. If pistols/blunderbusses with full attacks are better, that's fine as well.

I'm not a huge fan of getting close with this character, so rogue backstab shenanigans are out, but if they can do their job from max range it's fine by me.

I did look at monk's end tier talents, and while they are potentially really interesting, I don't feel like waiting for level 18 or whatever for it to come online.

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perhaps a multi class character. A devoted fighter with weapon proficiency of arquebus and sharpshooter ranger with bear companion (the most tanky one).



PS: I personally prefer warbow over arquebus.

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Devoted/Sharpshooter with arquebus is pretty crazy. :)


Tons of accuracy and PEN. Overpenetration due to crit and high PEN per se is common.


The higher crit damage of the Devoted helps to reduce the stoopidness of "blunted criticals" of guns.


Assassin/Sharpshooter is also nice. You don't need to use Backstab. Assassination works from range as well.


Have a look at Evasive Roll + Upgrade. It is very good,but few have noticed. You roll over the whole battlefield and shoot the next target. That attack has its own base damage and actually doesn't care what weapon you have or if it's reloaded or not. And its use is cheap. It's supermobility + free attack which is pretty awesome.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I'd build a Helwalker/Sharpshooter. Monk's extra hit from crit benefits mostly from ranger's high accuracy. And helwalker also has lash and high might to boost sharpshooter's damage. You can use Blade Turning if u are engaged. Better than assassin or devoted imo. 

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