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What's the general consensus about the current rest system?

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Most gamers were really mad about xcom 2 timers not because they weren't perfectly implemented but at the simple idea that they even existed, they couldn't play anymore in their exploity way, instead of acknowledging both that and the fact that they were not good tactical players, they "cried".

I don't think it's entirely true - sure, it's true in some cases but not all of them. I felt that commonly applied timers (as they were in vanilla XCOM2 - it got much better with exp) were heavily limiting playstyles and strategies available: the first XCOM had variety of missions - both slow, conservative ones and rushing one a breakneck speed. XCOM2 for the most part had the 2nd type only and in spite of having various objectives they all played the same. Every mission encouraged the same strategy, the same build and game became very repetitive. Expansion, with a more mission variety and special variables to shake things up, makes it much more interesting - rewarding various builds and diffrent approaches. 


In the end, the issue came out from a "pod activation mechanic", which IMO isn't a really good one - too easy to exploit, difficulty balance between fighting one and multiple pods is simply too great resulting in a game that is about enemy activation rather than actual decisions during the engagement. To me stealth/timers are attempts to cover bad design, rather than fixing core problem. It makes it better than base version, yes, but it doesn't really solve the core issue. 

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Personally i like it a lot more than the Vancian system (with limited resources) and overall i think it is better than Baldurs gates infinite rest Vancian system.

This discourages infinite resting without actually punishing you for doing it. (ie. if you want to rest after very fight, you can with hardtack/water, or you can rest less often and keep much better buffs) I prefer the per encounter spells/abilities because now i can go into every fight using the awesome fun spells i want to use, rather then rationing them out because im at the start of a dungeon and i want to save my good spells for later if there is a hard fight and i only have 1 campfire on me and i dont want to leave the dungeon and go back to town ect. ect. 


So overall i think this is probably the best system we have seen in a RPG like this probably ever, but i guess we will see what the full consensus is when the game is out. But this for sure is leagues better than Poe1's system.

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