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Will you use spell casters more or less in Deadfire then you did in Pillars?

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am thinking there is good reasons for going the specialized wizard route if you have a second arcane caster or multiclass caster in the party.  we played an enchanter for funsies and while the enchanter benefits struck as almost criminal insignificant compared to the schools prohibitions, it were not difficult for our fake maia geomancer to pick up the spells our enchanter could not cast.


HA! Good Fun!

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I'll definitely use them more.  Whether I'll have as many in my party...maybe?  My current PoE playthrough I've only got Aloth as a caster, so likely I'll have more in the party.


Mostly, though, I won't likely rest (because of injuries/health) with 75% of my caster's spells uncast. 

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