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Curoc's Brand and Damage Types





I tested Curoc’s Brand for a while now, thinking I might be missing something. In any case, I think the weapon does not compute appropriately the Damage Type. Indeed, I tested the weapon on a variety of monsters and such, even party members, with high Piercing Reduction, so the weapon would target the generally lower reduction of Burn. Regardless if Piercing is higher or not, it will target it rather than switch to Burn, though from time to time it will do Burn damage instead of Piercing Damage, but with no clear pattern I can identify.

I am not sure if it is the right place to post it, or if I am mistaken here, but eh, hope it is useful or that I might get some clarity on the subject !

Big thanks in advance :)


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Without knowing the specifics of how you tested, I will share that the combat engine will proc whatever it feels like if minimum damage is dealt. If the damage isn't minimum, then it procs the lower resistance.


That's the response I got from the devs after submitting a similar bug report dealing with a "best of" weapon.

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