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Hi All,


I am struggling to interpret what the game is telling me here in combat. I have attached a screenshot that shows details of Eder, the Outlaw Barbarian he is fighting and the weapon he is wielding. 


Eder is wielding Guan's Share, which should do 12-18. In the screenshot I have attached, the Outlaw Barbarian has a damage reduction of 7. Eder crits the Outlaw Barbarian for 5 crush damage.




Why is saying his weapon is ineffective? Why does a crit do so little damage?


Thanks! This is a brilliant game and I am really enjoying spending time on it.





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The damage reduction is not the only thing that affects the damage inflicted... remember that the accuracy of the character is very crucial for the damage calculation. higher accuracy means higher damage rate limited by the max damage that the character sheet shows... for example, a character with at least 70 points of accuracy vs deflection + reflex level is the total of damage dealt to the opponent.

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In your case the DR of the target is so high, even a crit doesn't do a lot more, since 50% of low damage is still low damage.

(A normal hit doing 3.5 damage would result in 5.)

The barbarian has a crushing reduction of 10, not 7.


If a target has a much higher DR in the damage type you attack with, than it would have for other damage type, you can even get the ineffective message, even tho you hit for 40, it's just the game's way of telling you, you could do more damage with another damage type.

(The barbarian has higher dr for all phys damage only fire damage has a DR of 7, fronst 9 and corrode only 4.

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If you hover on the text in the combat log, you should be able to see a more detailed explanation of the attack's resolution, including the pre-DR damage. In this case, the 5 damage is not coming from Gaun's Share but from a shield bash. You can see a Gaun's Share crit further up for 13 damage.


For the Gaun's Share damage:


12-18 represents the damage range on a hit. This is calculated as follows:


Flails have a base damage range of 9-13.


Gaun's Share has a 15% damage bonus due to weapon quality; this pushes the range to 10.35-14.95.


Eder has 16 base Might; this provides an 18% damage bonus, additive with the weapon quality bonus (so a total of 33%). This pushes the range to 11.97-17.29.


I don't recall how PoE rounds in the UI, so not sure if you have to have something else pushing the top of the range so it rounds to 18 or if it always rounds up. Either way, this is about right.


For actually resolving the 13 damage crit, we have two more damage bonuses to consider:


The Kith slaying enchantment adds another 25% additive bonus, and the crit applies a 50% bonus, so the is now 18.72-27.04. Once we have a number in this range, we subtract the 10 crush DR of the enemy, resulting in 8.72-17.04 as the final range of damage from the flail.

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