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[Beta 4] Spiritshift graphical glitches



1. Load the attached saved game.

2. Observe that the moon godlike is a Liberator (Paladin / Druid.)

3. Enter combat with the lagufaeth at your right.

4. When combat starts, use the Paladin's Gilded Enmity ability.

5. Immediately thereafter, spiritshift to a form of your choosing (I used Cat.)


Observe that the spiritshift form is not golden even though Gilded Enmity is in effect.

Note that casting Gilded Enmity after you spiritshift gives you a golden spiritshift form.


6. Enter your inventory.


Observe that you cannot see your spiritshift form in there. All you see is the godlike head with no body.


7. Either win the fight before Gilded Enmity expires or use it again so it is active when combat ends.


Observe that once combat ends, your character stays golden until you quit and reload (haven't tried resting but it probably clears the effect as well.)

Go to your inventory and observe that your paperdoll isn't golden. Shouldn't it match what you see in-game?



Saved game: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ym3whqk2hhq71mb/Watcher%20%28Tikawara%29%20%28c6d44fe0-40a6-41d2-beb6-41096001c85a%29%20%28754608634%29.savegame?dl=0

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