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With Pillars of Eternity 2 on the horizon and the fact I haven't played White March 2 DLC yet, I'm looking to do one fresh run that I'd use to import into POE 2. I beat the game with a paladin so I'd like something that plays a little different from that. I'm considering priest since it fits into the lore so well but I can be persuaded into a different class, especially Cipher. I'm looking to play on Hard difficulty with story companions. I'd like to use the 2 DLC companions since I didn't play with them much in my first play through so someone that meshes well with them is ideal. Primarily I want a character that feels really connected to the lore and story of the game (subjective I know) which is part of why priest and cipher appeal so much to me. Any suggestions for builds or comments from the crowd?

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They are primarily melee oriented and benefit well from coordinated attack and marking weapon. Especially Zahua who, under these circumstances, can keep even dragons on the ground for the duration of an entire combat pretty much from the get go. 


The Devil has got some immunities, so you can let her fight in some of your wizard's clouds. Though she can ditch a lot of damage on the same target that Zahua is keeping on the ground. 


I don't think any class is more or less deep into the lore. Though a Paladin with high Lore for Paralysis and Prayer against Imprisonment scrolls seems like it could fit you well for what you're after. 



EDIT: PS: you might also like that other companion, too... but you haven't seen her thus far, so just play the game. 

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While Priests fit into the lore you will be most likely disspointed with how poorly they are integrated into the story and the game world up to a point where your fellow priests do not recognize your allegiance to the same deity or nobody reacts to the fact that you are a priest of a recently killed god that is now almost universally hated in Dyrwood. You will get a couple of lines of dialogue here and there but nothing really immersive.


Ciphers at least get an opportunity to solve a certain quest differently from other classes.

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