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Do most people really play the hardest difficulty level?

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  1. 1. What difficulty will you play your full first game of DeadFire?

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I'm an old school BG/IWD veteran who's also played POE1.  And I'm only playing on Normal.  IIRC, I don't think that I ever played PoE1 on anything but normal.  I never felt the urge to try a harder level.  I realize that some people don't think that they're challenged enough if they don't have their party defeated from time to time.  I personally don't care about that.  I just want to have fun.  I don't want every fight to be a boss level fight.  I don't denigrate fights against mobs of lackeys as "trash mods" or whatever.  I'm playing to have fun and to enjoy the experience.

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I played on Classic and found it to be challenging after the Tutorial island, I tried to make a portal jump and got wiped by a Boss soul collector. I don't find this game easy so far and just marvel a those that complete it on PotD and claim it was too easy. 

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I played PoE1 on PotD. I started on Veteran but found it too easy to the extent where I was bored with the combat. I restarted on PotD, and it was a blast throughout. The superbosses were a lot of fun, and Llengrath took me like 20 tries or something, but it was an incredibly rewarding victory in the end. I liked how it was crucial to learn how the status effect, stats, and other things in the combat system work instead of just effortlessly blowing stuff up on a lower difficulty. You'd really see the effects of a major debuff on the enemies. 


I'm playing PoE2 on PotD too, and so far it's easier than 1, but that's already being addressed by the devs. 

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