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For the purposes of gathering into a single place the items and abilities which say they only occur once per encounter, but actually can happen multiple times, I have created this thread. I figure it may be of use to those who come here to create builds based on available items and abilities.


Any help on this would be appreciated. If you would like, think of this as me asking what items and abilities actually can proc multiple times even though they say they only occur once per encounter.

I would also like to know about the spellchance items on the wiki that currently have no documentation for their spellchance proc, such as rhe Dragon's Maw Shield's Taste of the Hunt proc.



Abilities that say 1 per encounter but happen multiple times:

Psychic (and Brutal) Backlash



Item Effects that say 1 per encounter but happen multiple times:





Abilities & Items to Test:

Psychic (and Brutal) Backlash -- Cipher ability

Company Captain's Cap -- Confuse proc -- All soulbound

Gyrd Haewanes Stenes -- Restore Spiritshift proc -- Druid soulbound

Greenstone Staff -- Nature's Mark proc -- Monk, Druid, Wizard soulbound

The Grey Sleeper -- Paralyze proc -- All soulbound

Vent Pick -- Flames of Devotion proc -- All unique





Credit for Answers:
Boeroer -- Backlash talents

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Thanks, Boeroer. I thought that was the case based on my reading, but I wasn't sure.


Do you know if the Company Captain's Cap's Confuse proc can happen multiple times?

Also, if an enemy is confused, but not turned into an ally, if it disengages from who it's attacking will it eat a disengagement attack?

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The cap: I didn't really monitor it and only used it in one single playthrough, but I think I never saw it trigger more often than once per encounter.


As far as I know a confused enemy will also get a disengement attack - only if he is engaged by somebody of course. But I never tested this as well. Usually confused, non-flipped enemies don't run around that much.


The Restore Spiritshift proc of the soulbund scepter only triggers once per encounter. And if it procs before you shifted it's totally wasted.


The procs of the Grey Sleeper are not limited.


Nature's Marlk on Greentsone Staff is 1/encounter as it says. I never checked if Calling the World's Maw is really 1/rest, but I guess it's correct as well.


Vent Pick's proc of Flames of Devotion is not limited.


And Badgradr's Barricade procs Thrust of Tattered Veils unlimited times per encounter.


Actually the only thing that I know of that doesn't work as described (in terms of proc limitations) is Psychic Backlash.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I have now used Company Captain's Cap A LOT, many encounters (though only one run through - I took it early, though).


I am quite confident that it only triggers once per encounter.


I AM uncertain what logic the AI uses to select which opponent goes yellow. 

It often SEEMS like it is the strongest opponent in contact, but that could be a consequence of the strongest opponent being the most likely to Crit.

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