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I was reading "The Gunslinger" build for chanters and it kept repeatedly mentioning the Silver Flash blunderbuss having AOE.


Not being a fan of guns, I've never tried a blunderbuss, but everything I've read about it says that it has multiple projectiles, not multiple targets.  How does this work?  Am I missing a talent (I know there's an AOE talent for guns, but I thought it was ranger-only), piece of equipment, etc?


I'm asking in the main thread instead of the build thread because the game's so old that there's no guarantee the author even checks the boards anymore, and I suspect that whatever I'm missing, it's just a stupid lack of basic knowledge on my part.  So how do you make a blunderbuss hit multiple targets as a chanter, and does INT affect the spread?

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The Silver Flash is quite special: it causes blind in a cone-shaped AoE (Silver "Flash") - and not only enemies, but allies as well.


No talent is needed - it's an enchantment of the weapon itself.


The pierce damage is 6 pellets that hit one single foe - like all other blunderbusses. It also has a spell chance of Divine Mark. It's 10% per pellet. So with one shot (6 pellets) the chance to proc Divine Mark is ~47% which is really good. I guess it's also possible that it procs multiple times with one single shot (if more than one pellet procs). Maybe others can confirm.


I actually never used it besides a bit of tinkering - so I don't know if the cone size will change with INT.


Speaking of blunderbusses: Fulvano's Blunderbuss from the Deadfire Pack seems to be broken: it never ever triggered charm for me - not even once. And I used it from lvl 5 to lvl 9 with Pallegina - so one can't say I didn't try... 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thanks so much.  Someone was asking about a ranged cipher in the reddit forums, and I was going to direct them here... but when I realized that I had no clue how the build was supposed to be dealing AOE blind, I thought I'd ask first.


Just so I can relay this info to the other person, what's the earliest you can get it?  It's listed as a WM2 weapon.

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Blunderbusses with ranged DR penetration make sense for cipher. So much the better with quick switch. Though, the best ones you craft yourself, with the exception of Leadspitter, which doesn't have accuracy bonus, but hits the hardest of them all. 



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