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Pillars Bugs continue to spoil gameplay



I have a huge respect and admiration for the amazing Obsidian Entertainment team. Sadly I have concerns that in a rush to get Deadfire on the market they could be leaving Pillars of Eternity with the tag of a rather buggy game.


Back in early 2016, following a successful installation from CD, I attempted to master this completely immersive game. But before long I started to notice a perceptible slowing in the load times. By Chapter 2, it was unplayable at those speeds. After weeks attempting to discover the cause, I learned that it may not be directly attributable to Obsidian but more likely to be cause by Steam which at that point was handling bug-fix releases.


In 2017 with a better understanding of the game world, I started afresh. Skilled players on the forum had assisted with ideas about managing load times and also game play. But in the middle of Chapter 2 I hit a show-stopper caused by a bug in the party management area. A number of weeks later the duplication problem was sorted by a bug fix. In the resolution, I lost equipment and much of my enthusiasm. At the end of last year I purchased and installed the Marsh 1 & 2 expansions areas reasoning that any problems by now would have been resolved.


Sadly not!!  Caed Nua is now rebuilt and the first 6 levels of the Endless Paths completed. I am well on course for completing Chapter 2. There have been a few question marks in my mind about discrepancies noticed in quests (e.g. why did the archivists not turn hostile when I broke into the Elder Archives in The Hall of Revealed Mysteries in  The Theorems of Pandgram quest for Nedyn ?). However these were not significant.


However errors in the Stronghold processes are now giving me concerns. Three times I have been told of a visitor that is invisible when I return to the keep - examples are Nyry the Deft Hand, Lord Byrnwigar and Azzuro.


After Azzuro failed to show I scrapped 3 weeks of save files because Azzuro carries valuable items. Nyry lost me the Cape of the Cheat. But the last straw was after I discovered the Storekeeper in the Treasury had disappeared. It begs the question “Is this to get worse the further I proceed?


I hate being negative after the huge effort in developing the game. From my own career, I am completely aware of the difficulty of incorporating new software or changes into existing code.


For a quality company such as Obsidian, this is extremely counter-productive particularly if they intend to leave such bugs without offering players a correction.


I have read lots of forum comments about the same issues mentioned above. If a fault in a car was left uncorrected, why would anyone make a further purchase from its manufacturer?

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Although everything you said is correct and has been proven true, this is a fanboy forum. Another thread like this (Refunded something something) was already made wherewhich the OP was trolled by regulars, so expect this thread to get "rekt" in no time.


As always, just remember that your opinion has beem noted by Obsidian which is far more important than anyone else like me or other members acknowledging or responding to it.


You could have written a private email to them but you are just as validated to write and create this thread. Now, hopefully nobody gets mad at me for stating these truths but just wanted to point out those directives before the trolling even begins.


Anyways, glad to read a fellow Obsidian fan's experience whether good or bad. Thank you for your time and have a great day! :)

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Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?


What are you still bothering me for? I'm a Knight. I'm not interested in your childish games. I need my rest.


Begone! Lest I draw my nail...

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I am just curious how you play to make all those things happen. I played through PoE1 three times, between release on WM2 till now (didn’t play with the newest Deadfire pack addon). The only bug I encountered throughout three playthroughs was a singular journal entry not updating. Oh, and there is (was?) this annoying bug with keep adventure UI, which made me call back an assigned companion by accident too many times.

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Thanks all for the valuable responses. Each play-through by all players is unique and may throw up something inexplicable that few others have met.


Like many I start a new game with a gung-ho approach and rush around trying to get the feel of the game and its controls. I then settle down and start properly. I save before any encounter, repeating different options to see which one works best before moving on.


Pillars is very cunning because the consequences of most encounters is complex and often not immediately apparent. Games where the entry of “A” will get a reward & “B” gets zilch are gone.


I know it is not sensible to keep tweaking a game forever. However since Pillars was released in 2015, players of the game have been reporting issues with the Stronghold and its management. Some of these have been corrected in bug releases, others possibly left unfixed. In addition new issues may have been created (or have reappeared) with the White Marsh code addition


While these are not in the category of catastrophic game stoppers, being so much in your face, detract significantly from the game play.


My reason for posting comments in this part of the forum is because it is rather unclear where Pillars of Eternity #1 bugs should be placed – indeed whether there will  be a response to such a post if you do fubd somewhere to make a comment. Anyway thanks again, I’ll persevere and hope for the best.

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My guess is that Pillars 1 bug reports would go here




As to if you'd get an official response, I dunno. I'd wager they are likely done supporting it but I've been wrong once before... don't tell my wife I admitted that

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Thread moved to PoE's Technical Support Forum.

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