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Yet another Temper Abydon question thread

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This thread is once again wondering if anyone could answer some questions about tempering abydon. I know how most of it works, but there are some questions I wonder if anyone could answer:




1. Do you have to release the dwarven souls to use that in the argument or can you bind them to the cannons to win that argument? I've seen way too many conflicting reports about this and am wondering if anyone has a way to confirm if binding to the cannons works.


2. Is Maneha still bugged so she wins the argument regardless of what happened in her quest?


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I've researched this in-depth for the wiki, and put my findings there, based on examining the files:




1. The argument you're making relates to the White Forge, not Durgan's Battery. Binding dwarven souls to the cannons is OK.


2. Yep, Maneha's still bugged.

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