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Build wanted - moon godlike druid?

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Mostly like Boeroer Batsh!t crazy wild orlan, except with Moon godlike - Do you recommend any tweeking?

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So I am finishing another Triple Crown with the same build on my custom Druid the only difference being I got 15 PER and 10 resolve. If the Druid is the main PC I’d like the resolve too or if you have a priest with blessing/a Paladin with Zealous Focus or someone with Gallants Focus you won’t miss the 5 PER. If you don’t have the above and or the Druid is a party member and not the PC and you are taking resolve for the deflection you won’t need it. The custom PC Storm Druid tank I have has no deflection increasing talents other then weapon and shield style and she rocks. But she has a party for some support.

Long story short that will work quite nicely.

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