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Suggection: an option to lock the pop-up on screen


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I'm sorry if it was already discussed, but here's a feature I really loved in Tyranny, and I think Deadfire could also borrow it (if it's possible).

In Tyranny when you hover you cursor over somebody, you can right click and the pop-up window stays locked. After witch you can hover over every icon and see what it means:


It's really great, because you don't need to remember what each icon means, or what it does. Like, what does flanked does? This menu doesn't say:


So I either need to write it down in my notebook (I played Pillars 1 writing everything down in my notebook, because I keep forgetting what all icons and statuses mean), or I need to have a really good memory. 

So in my opinion, that feature from Tyranny would be very helpful. I would be able to play without a notebook and wiki, yay!  :)

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I requested this in the UI thread in the bugs section; hopefully Obsidian will implement it :)

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