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Any news on new content?

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Nice to get away from the disgruntled customer threads into something that much more keenly interests me. I'm hoping for a new campaign, but I guess I should take a look to see if they've added new content since the goblins xpac. I'm not all that keen on playing the goblins, but I would be interested in new adventure decks with the core characters. I didn't hear about anything new with Valeros. Guess I better check into it.

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Did you play Rise of the Goblins? It's actually quite fun and really well written :)

I did and it really was well done. I'm just a traditional hero kind of guy. The goblin content really was well done and I should concentrate on finishing that now. I have a 6 party traditional hero that was started and played entirely on legendary I need to finish at the rune-well and then the rest of the goblin party that I've done through the... first? Second scenario? I think there were several scenarios at least. It's been a few months or so.


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