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Anyone can explain it to me? I guess it isn't working as Josh wrote this up in Backer Update 7 video. He spoke about gaining acces to new ability every 2 level like in D&D (for example: wizard level 3 has acces to level 2 spells, wizard level 5 has acces to level 3 spells etc.) and yes, it looks like that. But power level is calculating differently. 


I play single class evoker (level 6) at the moment and I'm looking into logs after casting fireball. Attack roll looks like:


20 wizard + 15 level + 4 ability level + 11 wizard power level + 10 Nature's Resolve = 60



20 wizard - is base value for this class

15 level - I gues it's like in PoE +3 accuracy per level.

4 ability level - this is confusing, fireball is level 3 spell but is it consider level 4 because of evoker subclass +1 power level while casting evocation spells?

11 wizard power level - it's confusing for me too. It doesn't look like it was calculated with Backer Update 7 formula.


and for damage roll penetration is confusing too:

7 base + 1 ability level + 2,75 wizard power level = 10,8


fireball penetration in description is:

7 base + 1 ability level + 0,25 wizard power level = 8,25


so what makes the difference between spell's description and actual roll?



Few questions then:

1. How power level is calculated both in attack roll and penetration?

2. What about power source from Backer Update 7? 

3. What determines number of spells per encounter? Is it affected by power level or power source?

4. What determines how many times I can use empower before the rest?


And what surprises me the most. I casted fireball and it was casted twice. Then I find that "Evoker: 30% chance to repeat attack after 0,1 sec with Evocation Spells". I didn't saw that during character creation in Evoker description. It seems powerful even if it's random, but RPG are about radom things, right?


Sorry for my bad english.

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