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Collection of Minor Bugs



I finished all the content the backer beta has to offer for the first time. A lot of the bugs I found were already posted, but here are some of the ones I didn't. I can't give save games for all of these unfortunately, but I will attach my system info and describe to the best of my ability what I was doing when the bug occurred.




This happened once I finished Plucked Fruit and either rested or exited and reentered the village. The corpse in question is the one floating just off shore, who I believe is the person you implicate in the crime.




Missing icon for supplies at the VTC camp. This just happened when I approached and looted the camp.




There seemed to be a lot of issues in general with UI flickering/vibrating. This one seemed to have different layers messed up.



I found this when holding Tab on the beach encounter near the starting village.




In the dungeon when you approach this soul, it has a vision cone in stealth mode for some reason.




I saved a game after a fight at the ravine and reloaded later. You can see the missing max health on two party members, and if you mouse over the wounds it gives the proper description, but the UI element is not lit up properly.




After completing the broodmother quest, the effect on the necklace has no icon.


That's all I have for now. I plan to dive in more to the beta with different characters. I'm really enjoying the game, thanks for all the hard work you're putting into it!


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Hey Advisorcloud!


Some of these bugs are absolutely hilarious. I love the corpse leveling up and the dead watcher body having a stealth cone  :p


Most of these are already recorded, but I'll make sure everything's accounted for and commented on.


You the best,



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I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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