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Beta build suggestion: The Nietsche Fan (monk/paladin)

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I have played around in character creation and I will post some ideas I have thought of.

Boeroer has not started to post tons of power builds yet, so somebody has to start.



- This is the first version of the beta, so tons of things will change.

- I do not know what equipment can be found in the game, so I assume similar things as PoE1.

- I have not played the char, I just created the char to see whats possible.

Feel free to play such a char and give comments weather they are useful or not and how they can be improved.


The Nietsche Fan


The philosopher Friedrich Nietsche wrote: "If it does not kill you, it makes you stronger".

I want to create a char will get hit a lot and this allows him to strike back even harder.



Dracozzi Paladini Paladin / Helwalker monk






tons of might and constitution and enough per to hit things. The other stats will be lower but int should not be dropped too much for duration of buffs. Resolve might be the least importent stat because you want to be hit.


importent talents:

lv1: lay on hands (auto), swift strikes, retribution

lv2: flames of devotion

lv3: whatever

lv4: paladin auras, long stride

lv5: whatever

lv6: whatever

lv7: greater kay on hands, swift strike upgrade

lv8: Eternal devotion

lv9: whatever

lv10: exalted endurence, thunderous blows


note: When I write "whatever", it does not mean that it does not matter. It means I am not sure what is best and it is does not influence the basic idea behind this build.


Equipment: It would be best to have weapons that are draining and have a lash. Use items that produce retaliation, on hit effects ( sanguine plate and shoed in faith from PoE1 would be great) and that boost mig and con.




So how should this char work?

You want to get hit and you want to hit hard, so you need lots of mig and con. Dwarfs boost exactly those stats. Helwalker monks increase their might when they receive wounds, but they also get more damage than. Paladins have retribution, so they also deal more damage when they get hit. Paladins have auras they can switch at will, so you can chose if you want more armor, accurency or speed, but you will get speed from your monk talents. Dracozzi Paladini give fire shield together with lay on hands. You will get hit, but you can heal yourself. The healing is strong (lots of mig) and will give you another retaliation effect. Swift strikes lets you attack faster, so your mighty attacks come more ofter. Do not use other monk abilities too much, you need wounds for your damage. At lv7, greater lay on hands will give you healing, fire shield, +5 constitution, armor and regeneration, thats great. You can also upgrade swift strikes to hit even harder. At lv8, eternal devotion will give a fire lash to your attacks after you use flames of devotion. If lashes work like in PoE1, this will create good damage. At lv10 you can upgrade your defensive aura, so you get permanent regeneration and thunderous blows will increase your might and penetration for a long time.


warning: I do not know which of these things stack. This is most importent for armor rating and regeneration and stat boosts.







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Lightning Strike + Eternal Devotion works really good together, as all +% damage in the games is an addition, while lash is a multipler. So to get high damage per hit u need both, Helwalker's high might provides the addiction, and Lightning Strike + Eternal Devotion gives the multiple, good combe/synergy here.

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