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Ancient Library condition



It says when you defeat a henchman (Hill Giant Runeslave) but don't close the location, the henchman is shuffled back in. Well... I guess I'm the first player to actually succeed in NOT closing the location and can testify that the ability doesn't work. You just need to go on like usual until you've explored all cards. Your turn doesn't end either. I'm sure it was a henchman (the Giant even). I'm sure people won't mind this "bug" but it's still a bug.


I was playing the mage but I doubt that matters.

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So...I wonder if you fixed this too well.


Defeat the Hill Giant Runeslave and close the location...except the villain bailed here after our previous encounter. Henchman shuffled back into the deck :(


Even if I did manage to kit out a character to for three fights in a row (1 to defeat the henchman plus the two-for on the villain), it wouldn't matter unless the two card shuffled in such a way that Mokmurian was on top.

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Well, this is somewhat correct, even if annoying - you did not close that location, so the henchman is shuffled back in. But this is less infuriating than the situations when you have:

Location without a henchman (failed check to close the location) and Graul ogrekin with permanent ability "after the encounter, put this card on the bottom" - no permanent closing except for villain is possible :(

Or Thassilonian Sins (3 Villains) on Legendary. So, you defeated a Villain? OK, but there is another Villain at that location, so it is not closed. You have to try again. Oh, and by the way, all checks to defeat Villains are +5 difficulty (cummulative) now. When you have three locations open and all Villains in play, the numbers can get very ridiculous in no time... :(

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