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PC Version x Card game itself

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Hi there!


First of all, sorry for my bad english. Its not my first language. Not even the second one. Sorry. :(


Anyone experienced with the card game itself can tell me if the PC version have all the content of the card game?


Or the contents are different?


And if the PC version gonna have all the adventures and characters the card game have?


Thanks in advance!

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The PC version, and the iOS/Andriod mobile versions, offer the complete Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path from the physical card game.


This includes all Rise of the Runelords Adventure Decks through AD 6.


Additional content that Obsidian has released include: a number of Treasure Cards (add-on cards), Rise of the Goblins and Valeros: A Fighter's Tale mini-expansions, and some alternate versions of the iconic characters.


At present, there is no information released about the development of further Adventure Paths or Character Add-On decks.  Though, it is possible that a few characters may join the game in the future (like how Tontelizi was introduced in the Valeros expansion).

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