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3.06: strange combat log entry (minimum damage)





I am a paladin who uses flames of devotion against an enemy.

I have Hours of St. Rumbalt equipped, with fire lash and the scion of flames talent.


I see: 45.9 - DR10 = 35.9 slash (MIN) + 36.3 fire


As fas as I know, the minimum damage is 20% of the initial damage and there is no minimum damage for lashes.

35.9 is more than 20% of 45.9

Is this a bug or do I misunderstand the concept of minimum damage.


I have seen such a combat log several times, but I do not know how to reproduce it.

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That 20% damage applies when the damage you apply is fully covered by the targets DR (ex. 5 damage against a target with 10 DR will do 1 damage)


The damage log works out assuming you have both the intense flames and the scion of flames talents.


Each lash is applied seperately and has 1/4 of the target's DR applied to it.


So the Calculation that I get for the intense flames is [1.2*(45.9 / 4) - (10/4)]= 11.27


Flames of Devotion applies 50% of weapon damage but it only gets reduced by 25% of the target's DR, so [1.2*(45.9/2) - (10/4)] = 25.04


These two added together add up to 36.31.

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