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Update #41 - From the Feed of the Director Part IV

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Pommel STIRKE looks like fun :p




PS: Be gentle with Kramer, I mean Cosmo.



I saw the UI of the Character screen are quite spaced out and looks simplified to me. They actually has to add the Injury beside the portraits to make it not so obvious. I personally like the portraits to stick closer to each other just like first PoE. The GUI in first PoE looks perfect to me. I hope there can be a classic UI options for Deadfire.


Think I agree with this tbh. Also because I like to have the 'combat' text to the right expanded a bit, so I can see what's going on during combat. But I don't want it to overlap the main UI, or be too narrow.


It's still pretty early though, and I'm sure there will be loads and loads of changes still, both to UI, mechanics and balance.

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