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I hope there is a 'candlekeep' style intro in Caed Nua

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I'm guessing here, but I'd say eothas not just kills you but smashes you that hard that your soul is flung in a random (!) body that is a few kilometres away, as awakened soul. There you go, lvl 1 char with different race/sex/skills.


That would be lame as hell.

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Haha. Pillars 1's ending gets an additional twist...or got the twist back in 26th february some of us are learning now :p

There's more!? Or do you mean the Battle of Caed Nua? Because that was epic.
I can see a Candlekeep intro working quite nicely, but it might be quite sad to see Korgrak and all my chums get murderised :(
NIts just if you upgrade Caed Nua and make it safe etc it becomes a traveler's beacon in the end which means when Eothas erupts there is a bigger death toll.

By an amazing stroke of good fortune, Eothas erupts on the one day of the week that the park is closed to visitors. ;)
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