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Game Crashes on iPhone after 1.2.8. update



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Just asking. Have you tryed to use 1.2.8 with ios 10.x.x?

There Are now two new things. iOs update and pathfinder update. If iOs 11 does use more memory, then old problem of running out of memory with Pathfinder can be worse.

They did change the memory usage better with 1.2.7 so it should not be problem, but just checking out posibilities.

7s should not have problems because it has 2gig of ram... so most propably it is something else.

Does anyone has iOs device with older os and test if it works or not?


I have iPad Air2 and it is working fine with iOs 11.0.1 and 1.2.8.

So another posibility is that your companion save file has gotten corrupted.

If so you can delete your croup and make a new croup using the same experienced characters.

Also check out that there Are no extra characters in your experienced tab. The 24 is upper limit and I personally always try to keep extra free place for one croup in the case character duplications error that could increase the characters above the limit.

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I did not try 1.2.9 with iOS 10.x.x as I had first updated the ios. 


I have 10/24 character slots.


I tried creating a new group with new characters and this works fine. However, now I need start the scenarios from the beginning and I don't want to do this. I had just paid for the whole campaign too.


If I can't continue my campaign, it's kind of a deal breaker for me.

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