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Lost my card by moving card form unclaimed tab



first to say sorry, I didnt notice pinned topic


"Avoid Moving Cards in a Stack from your Unclaimed Tab"


so I lost 1 copy of "Doctrine of cayden cailean" after move another 1 copy from Unclaimed stacks 


PDID : E52EA7DA70DA2300


How can i get back the lost card ?


or It will come back after this glitche is resolve



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Sadly, the card is unlikely to return after a patch.  That particular copy of Doctrine of Cayden Cailean may have been lost, but those cards are still in your collection.  There is a small chance it may be found again in a location deck on any adventure AD2 or higher.


The developers can manually re-add the card to your stash, but it may be a little while before they get a chance to do so.  Wish I could help further, but there isn't much of a community-side fix to offer.

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