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  1. PFID : E52EA7DA70DA2300 I didnt play about 1-2 months today i back to play and check my character deck. I found that every card and current chapter is roll back (i remenber that my last chapter is 4 or 5) but now it roll back to chapter 3 but many rare card from buying obsidian edition that i move out from unclamed box is disappear (ex.Pallegena x2 ) Pls fix my problem and get back my cards. thanks. sry for bad english
  2. first to say sorry, I didnt notice pinned topic "Avoid Moving Cards in a Stack from your Unclaimed Tab" so I lost 1 copy of "Doctrine of cayden cailean" after move another 1 copy from Unclaimed stacks PDID : E52EA7DA70DA2300 How can i get back the lost card ? or It will come back after this glitche is resolve thanks
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