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The fate of Obsidian's Backspace


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Oof. Obviously there are two sides to every story, but Obsidian not giving him the rights sounds pretty awful.


It's kinda how it goes in game development though. Without knowing how much of the planning and design was his and not from other people working on the game it could have been quite awkward handing him the story and him alone. Knowing USA, some legal stuff could make it huge hassle.


The timeline in his version sounds a bit odd. He says he stayed helping out to close up on some projects. There were no projects to close up around 2012 when Stormlands got cancelled. So either he stayed to finish up few pitches, in which case he might have been able to remain at Obsidian had one of those actually got picked up or his version just isn't exactly how it went down.


Either way it's always somewhat sad to see someone's passion project not get made.

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Hate the living, love the dead.

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