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Immune to Mental and Attack Traits

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For what it's worth, the this is one of the golem cards that has had a slight modification since the first edition.  The original card says:

You may not play spells with the attack trait.


The revised edition says:

The Iron Golem is immune to the Attack and Mental traits.


The two statements are virtual identical in that they prohibit using attack spells during the encounter.  However, by prohibiting damage traits instead of just the act of playing a type of spell, it also disallows the player from doing something like front-loading the encounter with a spell like Toxic Cloud.


Also, I think the only spell that isn't an Attack spell, but does have the Mental trait is Sanctuary.  Your character can't use it to confuse the golem and run away while it isn't looking.


In any event, in the D&D and Pathfinder universes, golems usually have traits that make them immune to magic. The way the Pathfinder Adventures card is written, it is in keeping with that sentiment.  Yes, it can certainly cause a problem if you made it to AD5 with a party of spell casters, but smashing golems with swords and bows is one of the many reasons to keep fighter-types in the party.

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