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Combat log in Consoles (dice rolls?)

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Hey there,


I've been enjoying the Xbox One version of PoE recently and I got curious as to why my party was getting paralized over and over again. So I thought I'd check the combat log, but it only states "XYZ got stunned" or something like that. How do I enable the actual dice roll to see which attribute my character failed on? I know on the PC version you had to hover over it with your mouse, but that is not possible on the console. Soooo ... anyone knows this? Or did they just leave it out?


thx in advc

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Unfortunately, same thing for me on the ps4.

Hope it do works differently for the PoEII version on console.

The console players aren't less "hardcore" than the PC players.

They also want too understand what is going on and correct their strategy accordingly.

Anyway the devs correct this problem for PoEI or at least PoEII consoles versions?


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I understand the problem but unfortunately I don't know the answer. 

Since Obsidian didn't develop the console versions they won't have any direct influence on the console versions and can't just add anything at this point. The PC version of the game is rather old so this forum isn't monitored nor very busy anymore. I fear you might not get a satisfying answer here. 

Paradox did the console port of PoE 1 and Versus Evil did the port of PoE 2 after Obsidian finished and finally patched the PC versions. Both companies might have their own forums for their console versions where one might find more info about this problem. 

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About the paralyze: I suspect you ran into Lagufaeth or Xaurips.

In case of Lagufaeth: Some of them have poisoned blowdarts which paralyze even on a graze and they have high accuracy and attack speed. 

You can counter that by using the small shield Aila Braccia (it turns all ranged grazes into misses and reflects the shot - so the Lagufaeth who only graze will paralyze themselves instead of you).

Or you use buffs for both deflection (avoid getting grazed by the shot) and fortitude (avoid to get grazed by the paralyzing poison). This is less reliable though.

The easiest way is to become immune with the help of a Priest's prayer spell. 

I guess a immunity or resistance vs. poison might also work (Paladin, mountain dwarf).

As I said you might encounter similar problems with Xaurips - melee Xaurip Skirmishers to be precise (spear attack that paralyzes on graze iirc) and also Andragans (petrifying gaze). The Andragans are especially bad because their petrifying gaze lasts for a long time and their ACC is very high. 

Those are considered the most annoying types of enemies because they are hard to deal with if you don't know what's going on. So I feel your frustration. :)


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