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Do´s and Don´ts for ROTR - AD6, Scenario 5

Bug-Crush Simu


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening folks! 


This is Bug-Crush Simu speaking ! :dancing:



Today´s topic is dedicated to AD6 Scenario 5. It´s platform, device and party-size independant. However we expect today´s present version (v1.27.1  I assume) It shall be a collection of various gameplay bugs user experienced so far when encountering the dangers of that mission, in order what to do and what to rather prevent when leading your party through. Well at least, if you artificially plan to reduce the difficulty level - it´s meant to be much harder than the Boardgame version! That´s right! All bugs, the bothering and the game-ending ones too are included just as purposely intended! :thumbsup:


If you plan on finishing this last mission without any hints, just by pure trial and error - please stop reading! Now!



For all other people like me - I kindly ask everyone to share their knowledge. Because it´s really not very enjoyable to continuously click Forfeit due to various reasons.




Some word of warning!

Despite all of this. I share my utmost respect to all game developers and programmers. It is hard work doing that job - considering you´re facing walls of texts and scripts on a daily manner. I really mean it. So I hope you will find out soon. May the Light of Sarenrae shine over you! :luck:




Now let´s begin. I´ll throw in 2 or 3 ideas. Then it´s up to you!



- Don´t : A party containing a character using an attack spell. Fight the boss with him. Part 1.


A character (let´s say Kyra) faces the boss. She defeats it the first time, then switches over to let´s say Ezren for the second check. Ezren uses an attack spell, throws the dice, succeeds - and then the game continues with Kyra, asking to attempt a roll agains the boss. Of course, no dice from Ezren´s Attack spell. No one shall ever say, the Boardgame Version of a Check against Combat 40 would be too difficult! :brows:



DO not change to Ezren for a boss dice check. You may use Ezren when it´s his turn, or as a supporter though.




- Don´t : A party containing a character using an attack spell. Fight the boss with him. Part 2.


Ezren starts the fight against the boss. He uses his Attack spell and succeeds. The player decides that the win percentage shown would improve perfectly scaled when using a wand of enervation only, reducing overall difficulty. Let´s say, Kyra supports and uses that wand. What happens now? The overall difficulty is decreased as expected - but the dice check changed to a state before the successful dice roll for the Attack spell. The problem: The spell is already discarded, and you are no more allowed to play another spell.



DO not use wand of enervation to support an Attack Spell after the Spell played. Always use wand first. Do the math - some of you like to neglect the win percentage shown, so the stage is yours!




- Don´t: A party containing a character using the "Greater Aid" spell followed after an attack spell by another character, when facing the Blue Dragon Henchman


Ezren starts the fight against that Henchman. After having successfully applied an attack spell the player decides to support him, using Greater Aid. All goes well, until the dice check prompt for recharging the spell appears. Now the fun part: either resolving the recharge-check successfully or not, the game enters the stall mode (similar to the Stryde / use Haste on another char "lose the mission" gimmick you may experience way before!): The Greater Aid card disappears, but the Blue Dragon Card stays on screen - without any button to end turn. You can open main menu or the treasure menu and return (some problems may be solved that way) - but nothing helps. You will be prompted to check for recharge again without any chance to continue. You´re stuck to death. Sounds like a nice little song from Autopsy! :skull::brows:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autopsy_(band)



DO Forfeit. :)

Ok. Just do not use the Greater Aid support spell at that henchman followed after an attack spell. I do not know whether the same condition applies by different "Aid" Spells and / or different henchman. I just do not use that spell again - increasing difficulty! :grin:



That´s all for now. Thanks.



Edit1, 2017-08-24

4. - Don´t: A party containing a character using an attack spell successfully, then using another character to assist with an attack-based support spell


Ezren successfully rolls his dice for his attack spell. Another character tries to assist using a spell which grants another D4 plus Fire trait, failing. What happens? Exactly!  All the dice granted before (attack spell) are gone.



DO not try to cast a spell as soon as you´re short off the finishing line!

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Ezren is extremely useful for this scenario, even on legendary.  Here's why.  Stock with augury, scry, or other means of putting the villain at the bottom of the deck.  Then, staff of hungry shadows.  Let me tell you, Staff of Hungry shadows is an awesome way to beat the crap of the Karzoug.  Yeah, the bastards stack the deck against attack spells, but there are plenty of attack spells that aren't attack and, as long as you stay frosty, you can't just delay facing a villain/henchman until you have the right character to defeat him/her/it.


However, the point you so comically make is well taken.  It's a great Obsidz game.  Great fun but lots of bugs.  Even now.  However, I will say, with my attack spell centered party, the only scenario that has really torqued me is the one with the three villains in deck five.  In my most current all legendary run I'm on the third (? I think) scenario of deck six and it's been smooth sailing so far.  However, I think the things that folks don't like about my party composition really shine in the final scenario of deck six.  Val gives d4+5 to everyone else at his location, which is everyone else.  Lem gives d4+4 to everyone, which is everyone including him, and can usually heal every turn.  Ezren, Lini, and Lem can all put the villain at the bottom.  Meanwhile, knowing exactly what's coming up in order means that Ezrens heavy hitting spells can be appied where they will do the most good.  The only downside is losing Harsks sniper bonus and Meri's solo bonus.  However, Harsk is pretty good with a bow at the end and Meri can still evade which comes in handy in the very early stages except for the big guy himself.


I'm not arguing against the fact that the bugs are a pain in my ever-lovin' ass.  I'm just saying that planning mitigates them pretty well.

So shines the name so shines the name of Roger Young!


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Thanks a lot!


Eumaios, you´re spot on! :thumbsup:

Yes I already went through normal and heroic game mode with Merisiel and Kyra. Missing legendary 5.4 as well as 5.5, 6.4 and 6.5 (not tried yet). 6.3 was not too hard at legendary!

I spent some real bucks the last days at exactly that state of game, to support the devs too (Campaign and some treasure chests).



And yes. I really love the game. I know there is no flaw with nothing. Bugs just happen when programming. Some are slightly tilting, others are critical (i.e. losing real money by not being able to access the contents purchased, or losing entire company of characters and the like). The ones noted this thread are just bothering, as you have to learn the hard but unneccessary way how to poke around. Those are game-breaking and shall be addressed soon, but not soonest. I know the developers read and are aware of those. So for me, it is sharing knowledge to ease the pain. That´s the whole purpose. Thanks for accepting my comical approach - better than looking forward in anger.


I noticed one more bug. Edited main entry.

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Great posts, but I feel you're being too optimistic about the bugs being en-route to being fixed soon. The bugginess of the game has gotten, for the most part, worse - not better - over a period of upwards of a year, and I still have gotten no response about the list of 30+ bugs I've reported on many months ago, the overwhelming majority (plus new ones) are still very much around.

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