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Ok, in an effort to use the story companions on a P.o.t.D. {Pillars of the Damned} run, and edit their base stats the following has already been fully explored.




Replacing the companion_blank.unity3d files in the objectsbundle folder, works up until you expect the companions to actually walk and such.  They become virtual versions of mini-kharakter-statues that some gamers use while playing tabletop games.  That is their animations completely fail.




This process works up until the step of hitting "Import" with the companion_blank.unity3d file loaded in U.A.B.E.  At that point I get: 

[Error]: The assets file index is out of range

post-108451-0-13156800-1503342470_thumb.gifDoes anyone have a solution to this?  Completing the game {on P.o.t.D.} with the actual companions instead of hired help would be nice, but is by no means game breaking.  Just companion quest breaking... for instance, when Eder will want to be in the party when you find the old watcher.  Or Durance...


Whether Obsidian intentionally broke this, or not, is a wonder of mine.  Presumably if they did;  Then they would have at least given us a way to edit companion stats when respekking.


Grateful for you sharing your Gravity.  May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path.



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I am completely newbe to this (and game btw), but I desired to edit some thigs and found that reddit page. And I just wanted to tell you that this reddit procedure worked for me like a charm.

For attributes anyway, because I did not notice any changes when I wanted to edit skills/skillbonuses.


I have used 32bit version on Windows 10.

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