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UABE modding not working properly, please help!

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I've modded files in the past, but something is preventing me from modding now. I'm using the same method as before, extracting the files using UABE and importing, etc. When I get into game to check my change, the ability is gone...

Example: I changed flames of devotion to have 3 charges, when I get into game, flames of devotion is gone from my character as if I never picked it. Level 1 paladin, no talents.

If I make a new character with the edited file in the game, i can pick flames of devotion at creation. When I save the game and reload it, flames of devotion disappears. Why is this happening? I'm getting the same problem with any file I edit, no matter if the ability or talent is a passive, (bloody slaughter), or active (FoD).

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Merry Meet Mr. GearHead,


A different problem with U.A.B.E. {Unity Assets Bundle Extractor} has been experienced by me.


GoogleFu revealed that, seemingly there is an effort to protect digital assets from U.A.B.E.  Maybe Obsidian did do this intentionally.


Grateful for you sharing your Gravity, am I.  May you ask the Goddess to eternally alight your self-determined path.



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